This Autumn sees our client partners, CIVB Bordeaux Wines, launch their “Terroirs of Bordeaux” campaign in Germany across out-of-home, digital video and social channels.

“Purple” for fresh & gourmet vintages


This European campaign launched in France and developed by Sweet Punk Paris will promote the diverse and large profiles of vintages specific to Bordeaux red wines.

Each shade of Red is a suggested moment of tasting; enjoy a red wine from Bordeaux with street food, vegetarian dishes or a sweet dessert.

“Carmine” for refined & complex vintages


This campaign will be visible to wine consumers during Berlin Food Week and throughout the month of October via product distribution channels including in-store activations at 120 wine retailers and wine bars in Germany and themed online tastings offered by the Bordeaux Wine Council.

 “Garnet” for silky & balanced cuvées


In support, we will be activating an out-of-home domination with a Metro Portrait Gallery execution at major inter-change station Zoologischer Garten in central west Berlin, renowned for nearby cultural and leisure landmarks including Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Botanical Gardens, Museums and retail boulevard Kudamm. 

Further coverage will include WallDecaux D6 and Hygh City Screen Networks in Berlin, Hamburg & Dusseldorf with digital video placements nationwide across Google’s YouTube and Meta’s channels. 

 “Ruby” for light & fruity vintages


Caroline Vigneron, European Head of Marketing at CIVB, said “It is important to have a strong visibility for our main range of wines. This red campaign will show the richness of profiles and the versatility of consumption opportunities that Bordeaux reds can offer. Integral to this is our media plan orchestrated around these four profiles, to ensure consumers understand optimally and to support the field actions that we are carrying out with our local partners.” 

Ian Southey, co-founder of Skin Communications, commented “We’re excited to see this activation in Germany and dominating selected channels for Terroirs of Bordeaux positioning them to the German wine consumer in leisure, cultural and food moments.”


Ian Southey

Ian Southey

Co-founder and Director of Skin Communications