The IPA and ISBA have launched this month their much-anticipated Pitch Positive Pledge, a joint initiative that seeks to improve the behaviours of agencies and advertisers around pitching for the benefit of its people, the planet and profit.

With almost 40% of the industry workforce reporting feeling stressed and anxious in the last twelve months, the Pledge, supported by Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and NABS, brings together the two trade associations, their members, procurement professionals and intermediaries, to focus on making the pitching process more intentional, accountable and responsible for both advertisers and agencies. In doing so, it aims to drive better outcomes including more transparency and better mental wellbeing, resulting in better quality work, fewer costs and less wastage.

Historically pitch guides have focused on the process and ‘how to’ of pitching and have lacked the consideration of both human and environmental costs. This initiative seeks to address the systemic pitching behaviours, providing a new perspective.

To measure the impact of the Pitch Positive Pledge, the IPA and ISBA will be commissioning an industry survey of agencies and clients to benchmark current pitching activity with questions addressing the areas of mental health, wastage, costs and effectiveness, which will be run again in 2023 to chart progress.

The initiative will report on completed pitches to showcase best practice, and client and agency commitment to the Pledge will also be incorporated into ongoing industry trade press reports.

At Skin Communications we’re delighted to have signed up to this pledge and commit to recognising the value of pitches through best practice, it’s environmental impact and wellbeing for our team.


Justin Mallinson

Justin Mallinson

Co-founder and Director of Skin Communications