At Skin Insight, we work with our clients to understand how their consumers think, feel and act.

By utilising a full suite of desktop research programmes, we can gain an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and characteristics including affinity towards product and brand use, attitudes and motivations and, above all, their media and digital consumption and engagement habits.

We are also able to research your competitors and can measure audiences, advertising expenditure and creative executions.

Combined, this research really allows us to get under the skin of our clients’ consumers.


We take a completely holistic approach to our clients’ businesses and their challenges at Skin Communications. Via Skin Strategy, we can assist our clients with the formulation of their overall marketing strategies and plans, by offering data-driven insights and robust action plans to ensure that all KPIs and business goals are achieved.

Incisive interrogation of key research findings from our Skin Insight team, allows us to really get under the skin of your brand and your consumers. This ensures that the most cost effective creative and media strategies can be implemented, in order to meet all business KPIs, goals and objectives.


Client-centricity sits at the heart of everything we do at Skin Communications. With our consultancy service, we plug the gaps between sales and marketing to maximise our clients’ return on investment.

Marketing is always the first stage of any sales funnel and we believe passionately that your Sales and Marketing teams and activities need to be fully aligned for maximum impact and results.

Skin can help you with this. By integrating fully and seamlessly aligning all marketing and sales activity, we’ll turn more of your marketing leads into sales.

Our team, through our consultancy and client secondment programmes, will sit as an extension to your Sales and Marketing teams. Together we will help you deliver a robust sales pipeline, to ensure you meet your key sales and business objectives.


The essence of all that we do at Skin Communications is to get under the skin of your target audience in order to deliver your business objectives. Nowhere is this more true than at Skin Creative.

All our creative executions whether on or offline are built on the foundations provided by the in-depth learnings uncovered by Skin Insight.

As part of our integrated approach, we closely co-ordinate with the Skin Media and Skin Digital teams to ensure that the executions work to maximum effect across all platforms.


At Skin Communications, we have extensive experience across the communications’ landscape covering broadcast, publishing, out of home, audio, direct mail and digital.

Understanding the customer journey, from key touch points and location, our clients’ investments are planned with maximum efficiency and optimisation to deliver the key message, to the target audience at the most relevant time through the appropriate channels.


Data-driven marketing is integral to our digital planning services.

Skin Digital provides a fully managed service with optimum performance in mind, regardless of your industry sector. We take a strategic approach to delivering across SEO, paid search, social, display, video and e-commerce channels.