Machine Mart, one of the UK’s largest specialist tools and equipment retailers, has consolidated its seven-figure media account into Skin Communications and The Grove Media. The appointment comes into immediate effect following an external agency review led by Machine Mart’s Head of Marketing, James Lewin, who joined the retailer in late 2022.

Skin and The Grove Media have been tasked with delivering data-driven media solutions to increase brand awareness and drive product sales through ecommerce channels as well as traditional point of sale via the brand’s 65 nationwide superstores.

James Lewin, Head of Marketing, Machine Mart said “Our marketing strategies have recently become much more targeted and data-driven. This trend will continue into the foreseeable future, and Skin and the Grove fit the bill perfectly as a Media Partner who not only understand Traditional Channels, but are really at the cutting edge of data, Digital, PPC and much more. Their years of experience and levels of expertise in all areas, as well as attention to detail, make them an ideal fit for Machine Mart”.

Ian Southey, co-founder of Skin Communications, said “We’re delighted with this new client-centric partnership with Machine Mart, and look forward to delivering greater cost-efficient channel planning and activation from the outset.”

Ciaran Deering, Head of Digital at The Grove Media said “We look forward to working with Machine Mart to help drive continued sales growth and improved ROAS through their digital channels”.

Ian Southey

Ian Southey

Co-founder and Director of Skin Communications