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Our client partner eXroid has been awarded The King’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2023. The accolade is, as quoted below, the most prestigious business award to aspire to in the UK and is a huge acknowledgement of the strategy eXroid has implemented through what has been a significantly turbulent last few years for most organisations.

“His Majesty The King has approved the Prime Minister’s recommendation that your company receive a King’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category this year.

The Award is the most prestigious for UK businesses and this is a tremendous achievement. Your business now joins over 7,000 UK enterprises which have received this Royal recognition since the Awards were first created in 1965 as The Queen’s Award to Industry.”

In combination with the prestigious award of ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in 2022, eXroid has now attained the highest level of external evaluations as the platform of assurance for the growth and development of their services to their patients and partners globally.

Ian Southey, co-founder of Skin Communications, said “As a primary media partner for eXroid, we’re delighted that the eXroid team has received this recognition and look forward to continuing our successful partnership with them in the coming years.”

Ian Southey

Ian Southey

Co-founder and Director of Skin Communications