The Evening Standard has announced its biggest shake-up since 2009 when it became a free paper and reduced the number of editions to just one each weekday. From the Autumn, it will become a weekly newspaper rather than a daily title.

We put some of your questions to our insider on the paper:

When is the Evening Standard going to a weekly format?  Not before September / October.

What day of the week will it be published?  There is no official word as yet but it is likely to be Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The same issue could be available on multiple days.

What will the print run be?  This is currently being discussed.

How will it be distributed?  The distribution model is likely to be similar to the current one – the newspaper is freely available from tube and train stations, entertainment hotspots and hospitality venues across central London.

Will the ES Magazine continue?  Yes, it will continue as a weekly publication.

We have also received the following letter from the Commercial Director:

“You will have heard the news that the Evening Standard is proposing to move from a daily newspaper to a weekly publication later in the year.

The proposed new weekly newspaper will replace the daily publication, allowing for more in-depth analysis of the issues that matter to Londoners, and serve them in a new and relevant way by celebrating the best London has to offer, from entertainment guides to lifestyle, sports, culture and news and the drumbeat of life in the world’s greatest city.

We will continue with our digital 1st strategy, build on the success of our new website and ensure that our readers have daily access to Evening Standard content across all of our daily platforms.

The Standard has a monthly UK audience of 12m people, and this new combination of weekly print and digital platform will place even more emphasis on delivering our world-class content to the broadest readership possible, while collaborating with advertisers to reach this audience in the most accessible, creative, and relevant manner.

Shorter commuting weeks, widespread Wi-Fi along our commuting routes and the desire for our readers to consume ever-richer content across a variety of platforms and devices, all make evolution a prerequisite of viability. We will continue to provide a multi-platform offering for our audience and our commercial partners, whether that consists of our award-winning podcasts, rich video content, data led technology or collaborations with other media partners such as the Outernet or JCDecaux.

We are committed to achieving a smooth transition and will share more about our new product in due course.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you on the new and evolved Evening Standard portfolio.”

Justin Mallinson

Justin Mallinson

Co-founder and Director of Skin Communications