Ocean, a facilitator of digital connectivity in the Out of Home landscape recently shared their latest research in partnership with Neuro-Insight at Frameless, the immersive art experience venue in Marble Arch.

After a decade of neuroscience research commissioned by Ocean to underpin the evolving digital out of home channel, this new release of insights has quantified a significant step change for the medium and where, yet again, it has essential value for brands.

This latest wave of research uses neuroscience to quantify the vital role of digital out of home (DOOH) in optimising the use of social media. Using socially amplified digital out of home changes how your brand is perceived and the value of its role in the media landscape.

Finding One: A decade of the priming effect

Both global & UK-wide brands using premium DOOH find that it delivers long-term brand building, personal relevance and higher levels of emotion. Maximise your broadcast OOH campaign by using premium locations.

Finding Two: DOOH builds on a brand’s existing social strategy

Individuals are drawn more towards the brand on social media having seen DOOH first. The channels are congruent and innately aligned to work together.

Finding Three: DOOH creates your social content

Viewing physical DOOH and then socially amplified DOOH content of a campaign strengthens brand perception – people look for longer at the social content and the DOOH delivers greater meaning to the content. Social amplification brings a brand’s social strategy into the real world, elevating attention.

Finding Four: Further endorse your DOOH social content

Endorsement of socially amplified DOOH content by brands and influencers delivers brand authenticity, familiarity and relevance.

Finding Five: You don’t even need to be there!

Optimise your social media spend by using DOOH as your content. If DOOH is at the heart of your social campaign, it will deliver an unlimited global audience to you, regardless of being there physically, and it delivers a tangible difference in how people feel about your brand.

Ocean presentation

Ian Southey

Ian Southey

Co-founder and Director of Skin Communications